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Connecting People,
One Postcard at a Time

Everyone today is bombarded by an overwhelming array of messages targeted to them. Attracting their attention is a tough job.
Now you can stand out from the pack with We take all the advantages of a traditional postcard and apply a unique technological spin to it.
Now you can create and send digital postcards from your computer or phone!


No Design Skills Required

Using our service requires no graphic talent or technological expertise on your part. Choose from the pre-designed templates or create your own “on the fly”.

Connect In An Instant lets you instantly send a meeting reminder, a thank you, a follow-up message, notice of an upcoming event or any message that keeps you in front of the people you want most to reach.

Cost Effective minimizes your need for bulk mailing or labor-intensive newsletters that nobody reads. It is a simple, concise and personal email postcard system that allows you to easily create a customized message and send it to your entire contact database, or a part of it, each month.