Watch. Give. Get.

Make 5 minutes of
down time add up

Doing good,
one view
at a time
Ads Watched

How AdWap works

1. You Watch

Watch up to ten video ads a day closely related to your interests. This will never exceed five minutes of your time, and can be split up.

2. We Give

We give a substantial piece of the advertising revenue to a charity that means something to you.

3. You Get

You get entered into weekly, life- changing cash giveaways.

A cause to match your heart

These are the charities we support. With AdWap, you can support them, too. Click on/Hover over each to learn more.

A cash-giveaway to
change your life

Every ad that you watch earns an entry into a weekly, life-changing cash giveaway.
Q. So, what’s the only thing better than donating to charity for free?
A. Winning money while you donate to charity for free.




AdWap: Watching is giving

We think people should be able to support charities without dipping into their own pockets. AdWap takes advertising dollars and gives them a purpose of your choosing. It takes the usually annoying task of watching an ad and gives you an incentive to keep watching.

Frequently asked questions

If this sounds too good to be true, you can click here to learn more.
Spoiler: There are no catches.